Tacky Cares


As a sport, fly fishing is so much more than just the challenge of chasing fish. It’s about more than the thrill of the take or challenge of bringing in that monster fish. Fly fishing allows each of us to get out and enjoy the majestic scenery and incredible landscapes. Fly fishing allows us to lay aside all the stresses and worries and simply relax and enjoy nature, and that’s what Tacky Cares is all about.

At Tacky Fly Fishing we have been amazed at the support of countless supporters and fans over the years as we’ve built this company. For some time now we’ve been searching for the right ways to give back.

In May of 2017 we hosted our first annual Tacky Cares event. We hosted a number of children that were being treated at Primary Children’s Hospital along with their families for a day on the water. Our goal was to help them, even if for just a short time, take their minds off their struggles and treatment, and relax and enjoy the sport that we all find so relaxing and therapeutic. We wanted to make it an event that they’d never forget and one in which they feel the love and support of a global community.

We sought the help of the fly fishing community by providing each child/family with flies tied by fishermen/women from around the globe. We filled our boxes with these flies and presented it to them on the day of the event.

The Numbers for the Event


While our first Tacky Cares event is over, we plan to continue to give back.

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